Alumni Days!


We had so much fun with all of you at the Ken McNabb clinic, learning about building solid foundations with our horses - but we know that attending a 3-day clinic like that can be a little bit like drinking from a fire-hose! And that's why we've decided to offer some "Alumni Days" one-day, follow-up clinics, to give you the opportunity to practice what you learned, and to get clarification on anything you may have been confused on!


All of these clinics will be guided by a Ken McNabb Master Certified Trainer!


The first of these clinics will be held here at Crystal Creek Ranch on June 23rd, from 9am to 5pm.




$185.00 - includes an outdoor paddock for your horse. Please bring your own feed.





Crystal Creek Ranch

5743 County Road PP

Avoca, WI 53506




Kim Crooks -, or call/text 608.577.0161