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  • Clinic Testimonials

    Kipp Budd – 2016

    “Thank  you!!  I have more confidence with him. I know that I can make him do what I without having to do it after a bad shift at work.  This clinic was beyond my expectations!”


    Cindy Pichler – 2016

    “This was my first clinic as a “trainer” found that I learned so much and my horse improved 100%.  I thank you for all your hard work, helping me to learn so much and my horse Sheza thanks you for showing a ‘gentle hands gets you much better results’. Learned consistency, kindness and firmness.”


    Nathan Brandt – 2016

    “The clinic was excellent and challenging! Fiesta and I advanced beyond what I thought was even possible. When we got here she wouldn’t back up. Now if we wanted to we could back up the entire arena. Our comfort level has increased ten times from when we first got here. We have gotten comfortable to the point of being able to lope.”


    Jenny Brandt – 2016

    “I have had a great time at the clinic watching not only the horses, but the riders improve as well. The Crooks’ are great teachers and explain things very clearly so people with less horse experience can understand. Look forward to working the ladies again.”


    Olivia Strosser – 2016

    “I felt as if the clinic was really helpful to Pepsi and I.  We hope to improve all of the skills we worked on. I hope to teach my 3 year old all the stuff I learned this week.”


    Lisa M Moore – 2016

    “Both my horse and I gained a great deal of confidence with Kim and Danielle’s clinic.  I really needed to learn the ‘basics’ so as to reassure my horse and work together as a team. They were patient and kind. I asked many questions and always received a logical answer that I could understand.”



    Rena Yahn – 2016

    “I learned so much about myself and my horse and the skills I thought I had. I have a long way to go but feel I have a strong base to work with.”


    Cheryl Vos – 2016

    “Danielle, Kim and Sam were great! Their patience with us was great. Danielle was great at teaching to different learning giving me a chance to actually feel with my hands what I was looking for.

    This was a great weekend. I learned a ton of new things and made great connections with other people.

    THANKS for a GREAT weekend.”


    Dee Dee Lorenson – 2016

    “Danielle was great – I loved how she taught me a horse will refuse for 2 reasons – ‘they don’t know what you want” or “they are afraid”. Kim and Danielle were so knowledgeable in showing our horses how to win-win for both. And Sam OMG what a bonus weekend for us all”


    Donna Matusewic – 2016

    “In planning for this clinic, I wasn’t sure what to expect; however, all my goals were met or exceeded. The clinic gave me the confidence I needed to spend more time riding Sugar Bear. The techniques we learned will help me become a better rider and communicate more clearly with Sugar.”


    Meriann Munn – 2016

    “This entire weekend was new for both myself and Nessie. Saw her develop more trust in me and I in her. She wanted to please so bad. We have new projects to work on – boxes in the field to name a few. A new beginning of further trails ahead.”


  • Training Testimonials

    Rena Smith-Yahn – 2015

    These ladies are awesome. I brought my gypsy vanner to them to be trained. I was in search of someone gentle enough to match the breed yet firm enough to get the job done. Danielle exceeded all my expectations! I never had to worry about the care of my horse. I was regularly updated on her progress throughout her stay with them. I came to visit on more than one occasion and always learned something new. I really can not say enough about how happy I am with their training and the outcome of my horse. These ladies are extremely professional and knowledgeable in everything horse. I've been riding for almost 20years and always learned something new everytime I was there. I can not thank you enough for giving me the knowledge and confidence to do more with my horses. You ladies are top notch and I would recommended you to anyone. I will be bringing you more of my horses in the future. Thank you!


    Jenny Brandt – 2015

    I sent my horse to Kim and Danielle for 60 days of training, arena and trail work. Danielle always kept me posted on Skeeters progress and would send pictures of them out on the trail. They have excellent horsemenship and know how to work with horses. I am extremely pleased with the work they did on Skeeter and highly recommend them if you are looking for someone to work with your horse.