There are many disciplines in riding, ranging from liberty to ranch work to classical dressage. Each community has their own ideals and lingo, but we believe they all share a common ground…the need for clear communication and a willing partner. Using patience, consistency, and proven techniques, our trainers will equip your horse with the knowledge and experience to take you in whatever direction you choose.


We understand what it’s like to send your horse to someone else, and we are committed to treating each one as our own. From daily care to training, your horse becomes a part of our family during their stay here at Crystal Creek Ranch. We offer colt starting, tune-ups, and performance training, all of which include rough board and a private clinic with you at the end. We will work with your horse five days/week, and you are always welcome to come out and visit!

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30-Day Contract

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Punish your horse for making mistakes and he will live in fear of trying.

Reward him for what he does right and he will always try his best.